About us

Hello and welcome to  walkandbewell.com

My name is Steven and I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Once upon a time…. I was a lazy highly stressed inactive type, someone who self-medicated with wine and ate too much.  Eventually life gave me a motivational tap on the shoulder via some heart and cholesterol issues. So, I became motivated to find good strategies for boosting my wellness.

The light bulb moment …. heavy duty pharmaceuticals and surgery were not a good idea. So, what to do? Well, I made a list of what to look for… solutions needed to be simple, easy, inexpensive, highly efficient, people friendly and manageable.

Unexpected breakthrough …  A good friend who is a skilled Health Practitioner began taking me along when going walking on nearby beaches. We started slow and short and soon were walking about an hour a day, five days a week. Soon I began to experience the benefits of walking ( see our articles) . The more  benefits I experienced the more I enjoyed walking. The growing enjoyment of walking led me into researching walking and how walking makes  a significant contribution to increased wellness.

And here we are…Walkandbewell.com is where I want to share quality discoveries, really useful information, great resources and authentic user reviews. My goal for this web site is to build it into an enjoyable and interesting hub or portal on the subjects of walking and wellness. Categories such as walking benefits, types of walking, new findings, weight management, nutrition, longevity, music to walk with, mindfulness, global travel walking, equipment, useful links, calculators and some ‘myth debunking’….and lots more .

Yes, Australia is our home base… and walkandbewell.com will be serving a global audience. Please feel free to email me via our ‘Contact’ page and let me know any additional topics you would like to see covered.

The journey begins….Walk and Be Well is a recent hatchling, the crew and I are still in the initial ramp-up stage. We plan to add new content regularly and as frequently as possible. If you find our site to be lacking content on your first visit, I personally invite you to please pop in again.  One last thing, your co-creative suggestions, findings and comments are very welcome.

Thanks for your visit.